Animan for veterinary clinics

After running successfully an integrative veterinary clinic in Tel Aviv for 15 years, Ronit Aboutboul chose to expand her field of action and share her experience and knowhow with fellow clinic owners.Irena, Julie, Winny, Gadi and Merav  With the vision of creating more animal and human friendly clinics to the benefit of all- patients, clients and staff alike – Ronit is available for consulting, guiding and lecturing on the ANIMAN veterinary clinic concept.
Veterinary clinics are “all in one” structures, often serving as hospitals, laboratories and shelters as well as just clinics. Veterinary animal patients are not the clinic’s clients, they come accompanied by them and depend on them for their treatments and cure. Veterinary clients are concerned human beings that often do not really understand what is wrong with their animals and are usually worried and distressed, just like when their children’s health is at stake. The veterinary clinic becomes the refuge, home and medical facility that will provide health services as well as a supportive environment, both for the animal patient and the human client.

The path to hapiness

When I first opened my clinic in Tel Aviv, the ANIMAN veterinary clinic, a concerned colleague advised me to decide whether I was going to run a veterinary clinic or a shelter for all the ‘poor little kittens’ that could be seen everywhere in Tel Aviv. I typically answered ‘both, of course!”.  Following that same motto, I also chose not to choose between homeopathy and conventional medicine, running the first integrative veterinary clinic in Tel Aviv.

The integrative concept is infiltrating modern medicine, slowly but surely. The benefits of using homeopathy and other alternative medicines combined with the best conventional diagnostic tools and advanced laboratory equipment are irrefutable. Dr Ronit Aboutboul coaches clinics into becoming integrative and ecological  and guides their managing practitioners through the simple steps that this process requires.


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