Animan the book

Coming out soon! ANIMAN- WHAT’S THE STORY? A book of stories about  animals and their human care takers, told and revealed through a homeopathic approach.

As a veterinarian and a homeopath treating animals,with Julie and her kittens, Winny and Gadi I’ve accompanied many humans in their quest for their  animal companions’ health, and have realized that treating one is affecting the other, caring for one is seeing the other, one is the mirror and sponge of the other.
In other words, the health of our animals is affected by us and our environment on the one hand and reflects  our lives and the changes that we are going through on the other. Our animals’ well being is linked to our own well being in ways that are invisible to us.

This book tells the story of animal/ human bonds through case studies of animals that came to the homeopathic consultation. Julie and Rona


Ruthy and Daphi came for a homeopathic consultation with two major complaints: skin allergies and home soiling.

When Ruthy called to schedule the first visit she sounded worried and exasperated because her newly adopted companion, Daphi, a rescued female Saluki, was urinating daily in her new home.

Her first words opening the phone conversation were: you’re my last resort!

Daphi was an adult 3 years old dog, when she was adopted from a shelter where she had landed after running away from Bedouins in the desert that must have been maltreating her, just a several weeks prior to her adoption.

She was sensitive and jumpy, restless and clinging to her owner during the first consult.

Rhuthy and her 3 children, all in their teens, where looking for a companion that will be easy to acclimate, happy to adopt an adult so there won’t be any cleanliness issues in the house.

Daphy got quickly acclimated in her new home and was friendly and playful with the kids, but she was urinating in their rooms daily.

A dog trainer had suggested tying her up in the house but then she would still urinate where she was attached. She seemed to pee only when the family was at home, in the afternoons and at night. During the morning hours, when she was alone at home, she never peed.

Ruthy was disappointed and angry because, as she explained during the first consultation, she had finally agreed to bring home an adult dog, only because she dreaded having to cope with home soiling that came attached to a new puppy!

Daphy was an adult alright but she also was a Saluki that had gone through some rough times. She needed her own quiet place on one hand, freedom and space on the other. Alert and sensitive, she had realized for Ruthy her biggest fear and was soiling the house in specific places, mainly on carpets and furniture.

After taking her case fully, a homeopathic remedy was chosen for her.

Ruthy seemed to have glimpsed different angles of the situation during the consultation and went home with some new insights to process and apply.

Even before getting the remedy that helped balance he skin back to a health, Daphy had stopped soiling the house in the days that followed the consultation, and was fully accepted as a beloved family member.

10 years later she came back for homeopathy with a mild urinary tract infection accompanied by constant urging to urinate with no success, that reacted swiftly to a herbal urinary strengthener. She seemed to be healthy and happy, balanced and loved.

Daphy’s homeopathic remedy was Phosphorus:

A remedy that can be defined by the term diffusion and that is suitable for open, extroverted, friendly and sympathetic subjects that need and desire company but also open air and spaces.

The phosphorus type is sensitive and creative, delicate and attentive to the surrounding world, physically and mentally.

Fear and oversensitivity are the reverse side of the medal.

Salukis and sighthounds in general portray well the phosphorus type physically and mentally.

In Daphy’s case, her sensitivity and sentimentality probably played an important part in sensing and reacting to her new owner’s fears and worries, along with a sensitive bladder probably, but once she was understood and the situation recognized, the disturbing situation rebalanced itself into a harmony and health.


2 responses to “Animan the book

    • Homeopathic remedies are great because they help the body’s natural healing processes. They have no side effects because they are infinetisimaly diluted. Not to be confused with other alternative treatments that use herbs and natural supplements, Homeopathy uses very diluted substances called remedies, made of a very diverse range of sources, not necessarily plants or natural substances by the way, that are individualy chosen to match the specific patient and/or sickness. The only reactions we can see in a homeopathic treatment are the body’s reactions to the remedies, which actually help the homeopath follow the healing process and decide about the treatment’s follow up. Animals hardly ever show any reactions, maybe because their systems are still ‘cleaner’ than ours when it comes to chemicals and pollution…

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