about Dr. Ronit Aboutboul | Growing up in Ivory Coast, West Africa must have had its influence on Ronit Aboutboul’s passion for animals. “I used to watch snakes and bring baby lizards home, much to my mother’s distress…” read more here.

clinic on wheels | Dr Ronit Aboutboul shares her time between seeing and treating animals in Israel and around the world, doing web consultations as well. With internet and globalization, getting to even remote places has become easy and simple…read more here.

teaching and lecturing | Apart from running her integrative veterinary clinic in Tel Aviv, Dr Ronit Aboutboul has always lectured and taught veterinary homeopathy, in Israel and around the world, cooperating and exchanging ideas with colleagues – holistic vets, homeopaths and conventional vets alike. “I’m always happy to share my knowledge and experience in veterinary homeopathy with colleagues, animal owners and animal professionals, to the benefit and health of all parties involved…” read more here.


2 responses to “DR RONIT ABOUTBOUL

  1. Hello Dr. Aboutboul,
    I recently stumbled across your article on Feline Eosinophilic Granuloma when I was trying to find info on the subject. I have adopted many stray cats over the years and have some experience with feline health problems, but this FEG was new to me. My mother’s 2-year orange male (Rufus) developed one on lower lip/chin area. Vet highly recommended steroids which I stubbornly refused. I tried one dose of lachesis 30 c and his chin/lip cleared up. It returned about 10-14 days later. I gave him a second dose. I think the 2nd time I gave it to him in liquid and may have stirred it up a bit. I can’t remember how long ago that was…I think it’s been about 6 months and he’s still clear of it. I thought you might find that interesting. Also, I’m interested in a phone or Skype consult for a stray I adopted who seems quite healthy and happy but who tested positive for FIV. He’s on a junk food diet (canned commercial) and I know I have to change that and I will soon. I also plan to get him in for a blood check, hopefully in the next few weeks. Would you let me know if you are available for consults and what your fee is? Thanks, Jennifer

    • Hello Jennifer,
      Thank you for sharing your experience!
      It’s always a pleasure to know that homeopathy helped another animal:-)
      I hope that Rufus stays healthy and clear of EGC… wouldn’t surprise me if the remedy Lachesis was right for him… Bravo!
      I’d be happy to help you with your adopted stray that tested positive for FIV.
      We can do it through Skype.
      I’ll email you my fees and we can set up a Skype consult if it suits you.
      Keep up the good work

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