about Dr Ronit Aboutboul

Growing up in Ivory Coast, West Africa must have had its influence on Ronit Aboutboul’s passion for animals. 

I used to watch snakes and bring baby lizards home, much to my mother’s distress.
The practical side of it was learning French which, later on in life enabled me to graduate as a veterinary doctor in Toulouse, France, in 1988.
I also completed my homeopathy studies then, so I have always practiced veterinary homeopathy combined with conventional medicine.

After her French years, she travelled for a year to Honduras, Central America, where she joined a ‘Vétérinaires sans Frontières’ project, followed by several months working with local wild life in the jungle, her preferred biotope.
In 1996, after returning from Central America, she opened her own veterinary practice in Tel Aviv, the ANIMAN Veterinary Clinic, where conventional medicine was practiced alongside homeopathy and other alternative medicines.Ronit Aboutboul with animals at ANIMAN clinic With an integrated approach to medicine and an ecological attitude to the day-to-day running of the clinic, the staff was dedicated to helping stray animals and pets alike. Spreading the word of integrative veterinary medicine in Israel then became Ronit’s next goal. She sold her practice in 2010 with the aim of becoming more flexible and available for travelling and treating animals from a wider geographical range. With internet and globalization, getting to even remote places has become easy and simple 

“Easy and simple, elegant and minimalistic” is my motto in approaching my cases and choosing a suitable treatment for them. I believe in natural balance and in supporting the body by providing it with the power to rebalance itself back to health.

At present, Dr Ronit Aboutboul shares her time between consulting and treating animals in Israel and around the world, lecturing and teaching the veterinary homeopathic approach both locally and internationally.


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