about veterinary homeopathy

Combining veterinary medicine with homeopathy is Ronit Aboutboul’s individual approach to the art of healing animals and helping their human care takers take better care of them.Winny and Gadi 

Veterinary homeopathy is not only a holistic, alternative and natural medicine – it is an integrative approach to life, sickness and cure. It allows the veterinarian to approach any and each pathology, be it physical or behavioral, genetic or environmental, chronic or acute, with supportive and suitable means of cure.
Homeopathic remedies are chosen to suit the patient’s and the case’s specific data, aiming at rebalancing the pathology back to health by enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms or, in short the immune system.
Julie and MichalHomeopathic veterinary treatments can be suited to any pathology and aim at curing it, using gentle yet effective natural remedies, while avoiding any unnecessary and unwanted side effects.
All animal pathologies can be treated and helped by homeopathic treatments.
Homeopathic consultations include a physical check-up [if the geographical location of the animal permits] and a detailed animal history and story provided by the animal’s care-taker.
If the animal is geographically remote, an internet homeopathic consultation through Skype is an option too.With Gadi and the computer
After the first consultation a treatment is prescribed and follow-up consultations are set as needed. You can contact me here.


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