stories of recovery

Lucky's changed face 2

Lucky is the cat of Uschi and Allan Cartwright. They’re living in Esslingen, Germany. This is Lucky’s story.

Lucky’s luck

These photos of Lucky, our now [March 2012] 2 years old house cat are dedicated to our homeopathic

Lucky's forehead vet who helped us through distressing times following Lucky’s diagnosis of Eosinoplhilic granuloma- a chronic skin condition in cats. He was initially treated by our conventional veterinarian with cortisone and although not addressing the cause the treatment was to be continued with increased regularity whilst wearing a plastic collar to stop him from itching and opening his wounds.The apparent lack of knowledge regarding Lucky’s problem deepened our anxiety and led us to research other avenues…

upper lip both sides

The discovery of homeopathy and its natural healing methods eventually lead us to Dr Ronit Aboutboul. Her first task was to remove our anxiety, which she achieved immediately. It was then Lucky’s turn to receive her caring “touch”. First the collar was removed and he went from being a sad, distressed kitten to a happy  and normal animal.
 Naturally, his open lesions were our cause for concern, but as Ronit taught us it didn’t bother Lucky.

The full picture

After 3 homeopathic treatments over a period of six months, all wounds disappeared from his forehead, ears, lips and legs and we could all return to our normal lives. Have belief and patience….. homeopathy realy works!                                                                               Lucky's changed face


2 responses to “stories of recovery

  1. Lucky is now 3 years old and has never looked back. With no adverse effects from his traumatic sickness, he is fully recovered and enjoying life to the full. We, as “human” members of his family and Luis, his little brother, will be eternally grateful for the chance given to us by Ronit to enable him to develop into the mischievous little “devil” he has grown into.

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